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EV Charging Experts in Hamilton

Jun 4

Your Hamilton EV Charging Station Experts.

While electric vehicles offer many benefits such as increased efficiency, they can require a lot of work if they aren't maintained. Before you leave the dealership with your new electric car think about investing in your own EV charging station.

It's important to have a charging station in your home so you can charge it overnight. Lionhead Electric is fully equipped to install a EV charging station with professionalism and our vast customer service.

Charging stations for electric vehicles come in two different levels. Level 1 charging stations come with 120-volt and can charge your plug-in hybrids in 6 to 8 hours. Whereas, Level 2 charging stations are a little more intricate and rather than an outlet, they are connected to an electrical circuit. They have the ability to have an addition to allow multiple plug-in hybrids to charge at once. Plug-in hybrids will fully charge in 3 to 4 hours.

Lionhead also have experienced electricians in the Hamilton area. Check out their services here.

As an electric car owner, many benefits come with having your own home charging station. Charging stations can be hard to find, especially if you live in an area where drivers with EVs are uncommon. The convenience of having immediate access to an EV charger for your vehicle also saves you the cost of paying for a shared station. Having your own station also keeps your vehicle in the safety of your home. Because of their popularity and scarcity, EVs are frequently at risk of being stolen. Keeping the vehicle in your home for charging makes it far less vulnerable to potential theft or damage, making your life less stressful. 

With our expert team of professionals, GEM Electrical will gladly install any EV charging station that you need. Along with electrical installations, we can also provide:

  • Panel installations.
  • Electrical maintenance/repairs.
  • Knob & tube replacement.
  • Backup generators.
  • Surge protection.
  • Power saving solutions.
  • Electrical inspections in all the areas mentioned above. 

If you line in the Hamilton area and are interested in our reliable and effective EV charging station services, call us today, and our team will gladly be available to help. 



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