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Can Limo Companies Afford the Rising Cost of Energy?

Nov 28

Despite the high costs of energy, New York City cab companies are adjusting their rates on a long-term basis. They raised their rates in May 2004, well before the latest spike. A regular user of Manhattan taxis is unlikely to be bothered by a slight price increase. However, because of the competition in the city, limo companies aren't allowed to increase their prices too much.

Taxi drivers struggle with rising fuel costs

Increasing fuel costs are a major issue for taxi drivers, whose fares are often set by the state. Since it is illegal to charge more, drivers can't increase their rates to compensate for higher fuel costs. However, the federal government's temporary reprieve on fuel excise has eased some of their worries. Even so, drivers are still operating on prices set more than a decade ago.

As a result, many taxi drivers have rallied to protest the rising costs of fuel. In New York, regular gasoline prices have topped $4.60 per gallon, according to cab drivers. They plan to deliver their complaints to Uber executives.

Investing in equipment

Investing in equipment and infrastructure is essential to running a successful limo service. Investing in secure parking for your cars and a car wash station will keep your cars clean and ready to serve customers. You may even want to invest in a garage to save on mechanical costs. This will depend on your goals for growth. Before you begin purchasing equipment or machinery, figure out how much your monthly overhead will be, and use this information to determine your rates.

Having backup plan in case of breakdown

While a limo service may be reliable, it is still possible for it to break down or have mechanical problems. In this case, a limo company should have a backup plan ready so that passengers can be picked up by another driver or by a local cab service.

Licensing and insurance

Licensing and insurance for a limo business is essential to protect your business. You should make sure your insurance covers your drivers, passengers, and the vehicle itself. In addition, you should register your business name in your area. You may also want to consider forming an LLC, which will protect your personal assets from lawsuits and provide a pass-through accounting system.

The cost of limo insurance can be influenced by a number of factors, including the location of the company and the types of limos it operates. In addition, the age of the limousines can affect their costs. Newer limos tend to be more expensive, and older models will cost less to repair.

Customer acquisition strategies

While starting a limo business is easier than starting a traditional business, it still requires considerable capital and business licences. It also requires a sound business plan and customer acquisition strategies to compete with larger companies and services like Uber and Lyft. However, limo companies face a relatively low barrier to entry and should focus on market assessment before beginning any marketing efforts.

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