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Design of complete bulk materials handling systems

Apr 6

Design of complete bulk materials handling systems across the mining and minerals processing industries, power stations and bulk handling terminals

Established in 2008, Carmaky is an engineering company specialising in projects for the mining, minerals, and material handling sectors. We have a passionate team with vast design, execution, and operational expertise, working in collaboration with a globally distributed network of associates. We leverage this experience and collaboration to deliver solutions to our clients which are safe, reliable, flexible, efficient, innovative, and fit-for-purpose.

As a systems integrator, we partner with speciality equipment and component suppliers to deliver complete world-class systems and solutions.

Our client-centric approach – reflected in our mantra of using the right people to do the right thing at the right time – guides our engineering and project service efforts. We believe in developing a close collaborative environment with our clients, associates, consultants, engineering peers and technology providers to create trust and maximise performance.

Consulting and Project Development

Carmaky offers consulting services during the concept, scoping and pre-feasibility study phases of project development for bulk materials handling systems.

Most bulk material handling systems are custom designed, and there is rarely only one feasible solution. Instead, a most appropriate solution is reached by considering factors such as climate, elevation, terrain, material properties, mine life and capital vs operating expenses.

We offer specialised consulting services for the early stages of projects including alternative system layouts and configurations, budget quotations, system calculations, trade-offs, and optimisations. Our involvement in a project can begin as early as the concept or scoping and pre-feasibility study stages – the earlier we are involved, the more help we can provide. These efforts in the initial stages of project development can be instrumental in reducing risk and increasing confidence in cost estimates.

Equipment Supply

We specialise in the design and supply of equipment essential to efficient and seamless production processes at the core of many industrial operations. This includes:



Belt Conveyors

  • Overland, Relocatable, Plant and Underground Conveyors
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Chutes and transfer towers

Storage and Reclaim

  • Stockpiles

  • Bins and hoppers

  • Storage facilities

  • Stackers

  • Reclaimers

  • Feeders (apron, belt, vibrating, low profile)

  • Truck and railcar loading and unloading incl. Tipplers

Crushing and Screening Plants

  • Primary gyratory, jaw crusher and mineral sizing stations

  • Secondary and tertiary cone crushing and screening stations

  • SAG and ball mill feed systems

Ancillary Equipment and Systems

  • Dust control

  • Grinding ball handling systems

  • Electrical and control systems

  • Stockyard equipment

  • Ship loading equipment

Crushing and Screening Plants

Carmaky designs and supplies integrated crushing and screening plants with components carefully integrated into the overall material handling system.

We provide complete design and supply of crushing and screening plants. Our team works closely with crusher and screen original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to build plants around the process, incorporating all associated truck dumps, feeders, conveyors, structures and bins. Having no exclusive agreements with OEMs, we can supply the most cost-effective system which meets all process requirements, or work with the clients preferred supplier.

We take advantage of the OEM’s process simulation to provide critical inputs such as bin sizing, stockpile requirements, and other key information to ensure that each project is designed as a truly holistic system.